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DolpopaTeachings on Other-Emptiness based on Dolpopa’s Mountain Doctrine

For more than 650 years in Tibetan buddhism, the dominating force and founder behind the school of thought of other-emptiness is Dol bo ba shay rab gyel tsen (Dolpopa: 1292-1361).


Among the many schools of other-emptiness view, Dolpopa is the foremost authoritative source on the school of classical gzhan stong thinking, also known as “other-emptiness”.


Prior to Dol bo ba’s major exposition on other-emptiness and the buddha matrix - “The Mountain Doctrine, Ocean of Definitive Meaning: Final Unique Quintessential Instructions” (Tib: ri chos nges don rgya mtsho zhes bya ba mthar thug thun mong ma yin pa’i man ngag), there was no such precedence on the doctrine of ultimate reality and its implications on buddha-nature, also known as “The matrix of the One Gone Thus” (skt: tathagatagarbha, Tib: de bzhin gshegs pa’i snying po), “The matrix of the One Gone to Bliss” (skt: sugatagarbha, Tib: bde bar gshegs pa’i snying po); also known as immutably thoroughly established nature.


For Kalachakra students, Dol bo ba’s system of thinking and quintessential instructions is the Kalachakra viewpoint. Dol bo ba’s doctrine is based on The Kalachakra Tantra and the three bodhisattva commentaries (sems ‘grel skor gsum) of Shambala King Kalki Pundarika’s Vimalaprabha (Stainless Light), Vajrapani’s “Meaning commentary on the Chakrasamvara Tantra”, and Vajragarbha’s “Commentary on Condensation of the Hevajra Tantra.


Khenpo Rinpoche will explain this fundamental treatise of Dol ba ba’s in a clear, concise and easily understandable format to all interested students. To date, khenpo-la, in joint effort collaborations, himself also has edited several books on the heirs to this viewpoint (Ngag dbang tsog gnyis rgya mtsho’i gzhan stong phyog sgrigs, Sichuan Nationalities Publishing House; 2009) and continues to pursue his interest in this profound subject matter.

Sunday August 21 – October 30, 2011 @11am (EST)

Format: live at TCBCI, phone conference and/or live videostreaming

Duration: 12 sessions

Teacher: Khenpo Rinpoche Ngawang Dorje

Translator: Robert Clark

A donation of $20 per teaching is requested to cover cost of translation services.
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