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Dorje ShugVajravega Retreat, Kalachakra Tsog, Chenrezig empowerment

Vajravega (Tib: rdo rje shugs), also known as wrathful Kalachakra, is the cogent aspect of Kalachakra, symbolizing swift accomplishment of the wisdom mind by subduing disturbing energies in the body, thereby overcoming the obscurations of body, speech, and mind as well as the four mental afflictions of desire, hatred, ignorance and pride.


For Kalachakra students, this practice is reinforcing as the focus is on gathering the subtle winds and purifying the primordial wisdom energy wind (ye shes kyi rlung) into the subtle body’s central channel.


Khenpo Rinpoche will lead students in a weekend retreat on the practice of Vajravega with an empowerment, teachings and sadhana practice. The retreat will begin with a Kalachakra Tsog (see TCBCI website Lhabab Duchen celebration for details) to also commemorate anniversary of Lhabab Duchen (Buddha’s descent from Tushita heaven). Students also have the option to receive from Khenpo Rinpoche on Sunday the Chenrezig empowerment, teachings and sadhana practice on Sunday.

Date: Friday November 18 – Saturday November 19, 2011 (EST) - Vajravega portion of retreat

Time: 9am - 5pm Friday to Saturday

Format: live at TCBCI

Duration: 2 days

Teacher: Khenpo Rinpoche Ngawang Dorje

Registration: $150

Date: Sunday November 20, 2011 (EST) - Chenrezig portion of retreat

Time: 10am - 5pm Sunday

Format: live at TCBCI

Duration: 1 day

Teacher: Khenpo Rinpoche Ngawang Dorje

Registration: $50


Please send check payable to :

1889 FiddleStick Lane

Charlottesville, VA 22903. (kindly mark your check as Vajravega and Chenrezig teachings)

Further details can be found on TCBC website:

New students interested in attending the Vajravega retreat, please send an email to TCBC to request permission.