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DolpopaTeachings on Other-Emptiness based on Dolpopa’s Mountain Doctrine

For more than 650 years in Tibetan buddhism, the dominating force and founder behind the school of thought of other-emptiness is Dol bo ba shay rab gyel tsen (Dolpopa: 1292-1361).


Among the many schools of other-emptiness view, Dolpopa is the foremost authoritative source on the school of classical gzhan stong thinking, also known as “other-emptiness”.

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YogaInaugural Lujong Yoga Class taught by Khenpo Ngawang Dorje

This inaugural section will run for 4 weeks beginning Monday - October 3, 2011. Lujong is a form of body yoga of the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition. Whilst there are many varieties of yoga practiced these days, lujong is a Tibetan-style yoga whose aim is to balance the body-mind connection of the individual thereby bringing about homeostasis.

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Dorje ShugVajravega Retreat, Kalachakra Tsog, Chenrezig empowerment

Vajravega (Tib: rdo rje shugs), also known as wrathful Kalachakra, is the cogent aspect of Kalachakra, symbolizing swift accomplishment of the wisdom mind by subduing disturbing energies in the body, thereby overcoming the obscurations of body, speech, and mind as well as the four mental afflictions of desire, hatred, ignorance and pride.

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ChenrezigChenrezig empowerment, teachings and sadhana

Chenrezig (skt: Avalokiteshvara, Tib: spyan ras gzigs), the bodhisattva of compassion, a nirmanakaya emanation of Amitabha; is without origin and exists primordially. Chenrezig is both a manifestion as well as the inner truth of wisdom, which is the union of emptiness and compassion. Thus, Chenrezig displays both aspirational and functional bodhicitta.